"The 2012 Global Resource Investment Conference in Shenzhen provided us an opportunity to meet high quality investors interested in resource opportunities. We were very pleased with the attendance and traffic at our booth and during our main hall presentation. As well we engaged in several productive one on one meetings. We would recommend this event to any issuers seeking exposure to Asian capital to advance their projects."

---- Brad Magnes, VP, Corporate Development, Majestic Gold

On June 24th and 25th, NAI Interactive hosted the 3rd Global Resource Investment Conference (GRIC) at the Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel. GCFF is delighted to announce the great success of the spectacular event.

Taking the past two years' conferences to another level, GCFF continued to introduce investment opportunities in the overseas mining and energy industry to the prospective Chinese investors. To celebrate the abundance of natural resources in Western Canada, we focused on sectors such as Natural Gas, Potash, Gold, Coal,etc. A total of 20 projects were to be presented to the participating Chinese investors. Industry experts representing the Canadian government, renowned analysts, and third party service providers spoke in-depth on topics revolving around investing in the overseas mining industry, investment trend, international policies, market structure and various financing tools.

This year's event brought over 200 Chinese investors, alongside 8 gas and mining companies from Canada, US, Australia and Mongolia. 20 projects were being discussed throughout the 60 one-on-one meetings held between the companies and investors.

Participating Companies:
Baosteel Group
First Fortune Investment
Fosun Group
Shandong Gold
Zhongtu Mining Investment Group
Any more...

The GRIC series has become the leading platform for Chinese corporations and investors to gain access to the foreign mining and gas industry. Through regular conferences held at Shanghai and Shenzhen every 6 months, along with road shows and series of investment training, the organizer aims to bring Chinese investors closer to the overseas mining and gas sector and opportunities to invest in it.

Although the 3rd GRIC has come to an end, our focus remains upon the overseas natural resources investment opportunities. The 4th GRIC will be soon held at Shenzhen in December this year. As the 2011 and 2012 events have laid a solid foundation for our future conferences, the 2013 GRIC continues to bring quality investment opportunities in the energy and mining industry from overseas to Chinese investors via one-on-one meetings. Industry experts will also be presenting on the future of the mining and gas industry, while responding to inquiries of the attending investors.

Please stay tuned for the GRIC being held at Shenzhen in December 2013!
Main Hall     Guests networking at the Chesapeake Gold Corp's display table
Gilbert Chan, President of NAI Interactive, interviewing Snowden Group's CEO Craig Morley     Attendants conversing at the Cocktail Party
More networking during Coffee Break!

      Why should you join?

  • Showcase to 300-400 qualified industrial, institutional, and high net-worth investors
  • Present to selected investors with specific interest in your sector
  • Guaranteed minimum of 6 private one-on-one meetings with pre-screened Asian investors (scheduled and set up before the conference)
  • Networking opportunities at various events during the conference
  • Great opportunity for seeking capital outside the mainstream Western markets and potential strategic partnerships/off-take arrangements and mine development"




GRIC SH 2013 Video