"The Global Resource Investment Conference in Shenzhen China is the best marketing event I have attended in years! Very well run, great venue and lots of interest! Great job! "

---- Wes Hanson, President and CEO Noront Resources Ltd.

Why Exhibit

  • Chinese investors are buying foreign resource stocks
  • Chinese growth fueling consumption of natural resources - keen interest
  • Institutional funds both mainland and Hong Kong investing in resource stocks
  • Industrial investors and Chinese resource firms seeking investing/partnerships
  • First China conference strictly for investing
  • Attending delegates from Chinese leading Mining companies include:
  • Why Shanghai

    • One of the four Province-Level Municipalities of China
    • Major Financial Centre and Busiest Container Port in the World
    • Affluent Investors - Top Chinese City In Per Capita GDP
    • Home To Leading Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors (QDII)