Recovery of the Precious Metals Market

The Precious Metals market has been down for most of 2013 but is poised to bounce back in 2014. China is one of the biggest producers and consumers of precious metals globally. We are selecting quality exploration, development, and junior producers in Gold, Silver, Palladium & Platinum metals to showcase their projects to Asian investors at the conference.

Untapped Precious Metals Opportunities

  • Canada is still one of major area of interests with its large resource of oil & gas in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. The region does cover a large base of natural gas, conventional crude oil, heavy oil and oil sands. This is one of the fastest groing region still with many reserves available that are lack of capital to
  • The LNG Boom in the BC/Alberta areas have been a major boost to the region's potential natural gas supply for the export facilities there nearby. Regions like the Montney, Liard and Horn River are some of the regions that are positioned to benefit during this Boom. Besides, the energy services companies are making increasing profits there, but with the right capital or partnership from potentially Asia, the sector will be able to grow and expand even more and faster.
  • Other international oil & gas plays are catching a lot of attention in recent times too, the monster shale in Eagle Ford, or shale in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia or offshore oil in Africa are bringing potential new energy supply to the world that Chinese investors will have strong interests for, for the benefits of long term sustainable growth.