"The GRIC Shanghai Conference exceeded our expectations. The conference was exceptional. The venue, your staff and conference speakers were excellent. We received great value in the many one on one meetings we had with investors. We also appreciated the way you ran the conference and the fact that you kept to the agenda and your time management was greatly appreciated. "

---- Gary Norris, Vice President, Seidler Oil & Gas Resources, LLC.

The Global Resource Investment Conference 2013 - Shenzhen Successfully Accomplished

NAI Interactive Ltd. (NAI) is delighted to announce the great success of the Global Resource Investment Conference (GRIC) Shenzhen 2013 on December 9th and 10th. The spectacular event was held at the Marco Polo Shenzhen Hotel in China.

2013 GRIC Conference site photo

Serving as the leading IR platform to connect the mining and energy sector and Asian investors, organizer NAI featured over 30 quality overseas mining and energy companies at the GRIC. The conference has successfully transformed to become more capital market focus to better serve the needs of the companies and investors. Approximately 300 attendees participated at the presentation, networking sessions, and over 60 one-on-one meetings. Among the participants were of a substantial number of institutional and industrial investors from Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Shanghai in China.

This year NAI is privileged to have Hon. Craig Leonard, New Brunswick's Minister of Energy and Mines, at the GRIC to share his professional insight into the emerging mining industry in New Brunswick with the audience. He highlighted the advanced marine transport, highway and railway system in the province that rendered import and export of natural resources extremely viable. The presentation also shed light on the province's competitive tax regime and exploration assistance program that aim to boost local mining activities, making New Brunswick the most politically friendly region in the world for the past two years.

Hon. Craig Leonard, Energy & Mines Minister of New Brunswick, Canada

Industry experts representing the Canadian Government and globally renowned corporations such as the Government of Alberta, PwC, Dentons Canada, the TSX, MNP etc, were among our stellar line-up of guest speakers. A comprehensive set of topics were being presented to the audience, ranging from the opportunities in the global mining and energy industry, financing and M&A activities, natural resources as an investment, to risk mitigation in the sector. Mr. John Gravelle, the Global Mining Leader from PwC, elaborated on the current confidence crisis in the global mining and energy industry, revealing data that is shaking up the capital market. He concluded that the exponential development rate in China would be a major driver of the industry towards a positive direction.

Mr. Wei Shao, Partner & National Practice Group Co-Leader for China, Dentons Canada LLP

To provide a worldly perspective on the mining and energy industry, one of the sub-themes of the GRIC this year focuses on the Undervalued African Asset. Mr. Qing Yu from the China-Africa Development Fund gave a thorough presentation on the opportunities and challenges facing the African mining sector, equipping investors with the knowledge they need when making Africa-related investment.

2013 GRIC Opening Ceremony

The participating companies at the conference were quality mining and energy companies of international background from different regions including Canada, Australia and Africa. Some of the renowned participants were: African Consolidated Resources, Bullman Resources, Colt Resources, Crater Gold Mining, Curis Resources, MEO Australia, Northcliff Resources, and NovaCopper.

The closing of the GRIC Shenzhen 2013 also marks the end of a yet difficult year for the natural resources sector. However, we believe that the market has reached its bottom in the past year, and look forward to a brighter future in 2014. NAI Interactive continues to serve as the proprietary IR platform connecting the energy and mining industry with the Asian investors. The next GCFF conference in Shanghai will carry our unique conference style forward, showcasing quality projects, and preparing Asian investors to partake in the overseas natural resources market. Stay tuned for the upcoming line-up of our China events in 2014!

2013 GRIC Opening Ceremony


  • To take advantage of the rising Chinese demand in overseas quality resource project and tap instantly into the market with the help of our unique conference style that focuses on matching serious buyers and quality projects, our 14 years of experience in the industry and our strong connection in China
  • Investors will be paired up with the most promising companies and projects according to a pre-conference matching process
  • Obtain first-hand information and knowledge about the market by attending the presentations where over 20 industry experts, and government representatives will share their insights
  • Expand your professional network and increase your exposure at the networking sessions by mingling with 400 other industry players and service providers
  • Stay connected with the investors and keep them notified through our post-conference follow-up service





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