A Touchstone of the Market – 2014 Global Resource Investment Conference successfully came to a close on December 5th.

NAI Interactive Ltd. is pleased to announce that the Global Resource Investment Conference (GRIC) has been successfully held on December 4-5, 2014 in Shenzhen, China. Chinese investors had face-to-face exchanges with foreign mining and energy companies. Facilitating exchange and understanding of Chinese investors and foreign mining and energy companies has always been the one of the main goals of the GRIC.

As the GRIC organizer, we thank the sponsors for their support, including PwC, Bennett Jones LLP, Government of Alberta, Triton Minerals Ltd., Lion Energy Ltd., American Asian Group Oil Consulting Inc., Manitok Energy Inc., LNG Direct Rail Ltd., AdvantageBC. Without their support, the conference would not have been a success. Every sponsor had one-to-one meetings with at least six Chinese investors. Through the one-to-one meetings, every sponsor gets clearer understanding about the China market and makes deeper connection with potential clients and investors.

During the conference, John Gravelle, Global Mining Leader of PwC, introduced the overall trends of mining industries as well as coping strategies amidst the market downturn. Wang Wenli, Secretary General of China Non-metal Minerals Industrial Association and Chairman of Graphite Sector, arrived from to present on the characteristics, distribution and supply & demand of China's graphite mines. Simon Moores, an overseas graphite expert, came from UK to Shenzhen to enlighten the attendees on the current situation of global graphite and graphite applications in batteries. As for the energy sector, Margaret Cornish, Senior Advisor (China) and Beijing Chief Representative of Bennett Jones LLP, introduced different approaches to invest in the Canadian resources companies. Kim Morrison (CEO of Lion Energy Ltd.), Massimo Geremia (CEO of Manitok Energy Inc.), Chris Hilliard (President of LNG Direct Rail Ltd.) and Paul Wong (CEO of American Asian Group Oil Consulting Inc.), showcased their companies and opportunities of oil & gas industries in North America.

We would also like to thank the investors for attending the conference. Despite the volatility of the market, our investors still held an optimistic view towards the industry. They regarded natural resources as the basis of economic development and believed now to be a good time to buy in during an industrial recession. Among the attendees, there were fund managers focusing on resources investment, downstream manufactures looking for stable resources supply and mining companies seeking the opportunities of stake investment and joint venture. These investors were pleased to have obtained a handful of industrial knowledge from the speakers and met with companies that showed interest in forming partnership.

Throughout the conference, industrial investors expressed interest in bottom buying while our sponsors exhibited the advantages and highlights of their assets, which strengthened our confidence in the value of the GRIC. We look forward to bringing even better value to our conferences in the future.